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The Mogul Affiliate of Swerve is finally getting a name

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When Swerve Strickland and Rick Ross introduced the Mogul affiliates to the world, we all recognized Parker Boudreaux. Even before he appeared on TV with NXT and Ring of Honor, the former college football player from Florida was wrestling the internet famous as a version of “Brock Lesnar”.

But who was the guy with tattoos on his face and braids? Behind-the-scenes reports and good old internet sleuthing have revealed that his real name is Granden Goetzman. But more than a month after his debut, we still don’t know his AEW nickname.

Personally, I was one of many hoping to go with Goetzman’s Taz title…

… But unfortunately. furthering his feud with Dustin Rhodes in an interview on February 1 dynamite (By calling fellow Rhodes Nebo baby Brian Pillman Jr. for Match Day frenzy), Swerve revealed that their mystery affiliate is “Trench”.

It’s an apt name for a follower. I still think of it as “Drawing Guy Jones” though.

Let us know what you think. Follow the highlights of February 1st dynamite below. We’ve put all of the YouTube videos AEW has released as of this morning into a playlist, and since they don’t release everything that way at the same time, we’ve got the Twitter clips of the other big moments and matches below.

  • Moxley & Hangman fighting it out, who walked away with their hand raised?
  • Is Timothy Thatcher derailing Bryan Danielson on his way to taking on MJF?
  • Samoa Joe defeats Darby Allen for the TNT Championship and Wardlaw returns!

For complete results and live blog for dynamite click here. To read a full recap and review of all of the night’s action, click here here.

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