You are currently viewing The most important video in the history of wrestlers playing UNO is here

The most important video in the history of wrestlers playing UNO is here

Da Party on YouTube

During the pandemic, Austin Creed (aka Xavier Woods) began broadcasting UNO games with three of his closest WWE friends on the UpUpDownDown Gaming YouTube channel. The videos of Creed, Cesaro, Adam Cole, and Tyler Breeze have grown into their own brand – Da Party (as in “Where’s da party?”) – with their own channel.

Over the course of 2020-2021 all together, Breeze was released and Cole’s contract with WWE expired. He signed with AEW. Cesaro did the same in early 2022, resuming under his real name Claudio Castagnoli in the process. Da party is over…or so we thought.

The group got back together this past fall. They’ve streamed UNO’s featured four-person contests and other games sporadically since then, while they’ve been making gigs like Jagged Edge & Nelly and dropping some music.

he is here!

“Can’t Stop Da Party” was It was released on Spotify last night (January 8), and the music video debuted today. It features the main four, with guest vocals from Harley Cameron. Cameron is no stranger to collaborating with wrestlers on music projects, having worked in the past with Scarlett & Shotzi and IIconics/IInspiration.

Fun stuff, with plenty of easter eggs for longtime Da Party watchers (including the return of… Ronald is Cole’s “roommate”.). But I think we can all agree that the big takeaway here is… Breezus’ have pubs!

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