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The Mysterios have ruined each other’s vacation again

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Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, and (shout out to the late, great Brody Lee) you know what that means.

Just like on Thanksgiving and Christmas, that meant the Mysterio family flick. Dominic and Mamie (doomsday teammate Rhea Ripley) manage to ruin their family’s day in Turkey. When they tried the same trick on December 24, Ray called the police and Dom ended up “on hard times”.

It didn’t seem like Dom and Rhea had bad intentions last night. But either because of a combination of a sitcom or some mind games from Rey, when Mamie and her family turned up in prison for the romantic dinner, his mom and dad had already claimed them.

Rey & Angie didn’t want any conflict, so they bounced back. But they cut Dom’s credit. Combine that with some serendipitous (?) police arrival (for their own romantic night of fine dining?) and the most wanted man on TikTok freaks out. So leave Ripley to pick up the tab.

Does that get us any closer to anything Mysterios would do at WrestleMania 39? I’m not sure, but it’s worth knowing that ketchup is way too spicy for Dominic. What does Mami see in this jabroni?

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