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The new Lacey Evans has finally arrived

After spending weeks promoting her return with a new character, then announcing it, then forgetting about it, and then spending an additional two weeks promoting her again, the new Lacey Evans has finally arrived. Friday Night SmackDown This week in Laredo, Texas.

Jazmin hit Allure, and she was gifted with a Cobra Clutch that was a staple of her final vignettes before her arrival. She drove home her new character in a promo after:

“You all sound so angry! I’m the one with the mic. You’re going to be really crazy tomorrow when I take that bicep, that forearm, lock it around 29 other women, and throw it over the top rope at my feet where they belong! In fact, all the losers here in Laredo stay away!” Off your ass, back on your feet, and salute their soon to be Royal Rumble winners.”

Who knows how she does in the Royal Rumble match but this was a good start for this new character.

Anyway, here are all the videos from SmackDown this week:

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