You are currently viewing The new Pugh Family update includes Mark Briscoe’s first public comments since Jay’s death

The new Pugh Family update includes Mark Briscoe’s first public comments since Jay’s death

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It was Josh Wharton Back on Facebook Monday night (January 23rd) with his latest update from the Pugh family in the wake of the tragic death of Jamin “Jay Briscoe” Pugh last week.

The Ring of Honor legend was killed in a car accident that also seriously injured his two daughters. Wharton focused mainly on letting the public know about the girls’ progress, but his latest video also covered Jay’s younger brother and tag team partner Mark.

Last being the elite It was revealed that The Young Bucks and Christopher Daniels were in text contact with Mark about an AEW show last Wednesday. Wharton has already spoken to Pugh/Briscoe’s younger brother, and in their last conversation about half an hour before last night’s live broadcast, he calls him “the most squeaky voice I’ve ever heard.” Wharton described the entire family as “optimists” despite what they do.

“The only thing that stuck me out [from his talk with Mark]He said, “I can’t imagine not being a believer going through this.” He and you guys who read the Bible understand that our time here on earth is a small glimpse into our existence. [Mark] He realizes we’ll see [Jay] Again hoping to use this as a tool to motivate people to get into heaven with us, he used Jamin’s untimely death almost as a witness to get people to come into heaven with him.

“He sent a text saying: God is on the throne. That’s all my brother has. The man has been through a lot and he still has his faith. He will proudly bear Pugh and Briscoe’s name.”

Wharton also noted that while he himself hadn’t spoken to anyone in AEW, “according to the family, they’ve been nothing but top notch and supportive.”

For the Spog girls, the news continues to trend right. Gracie, Jamin’s 12-year-old daughter whose mother initially feared she was paralyzed, had feeling in her legs but did not move them below the knee. Her pain is “more under control” and she has been able to “play a few games and watch movies throughout the day” when not working with physical and occupational therapists.

Gracie also managed to “spend some quality time” with her younger sister, Gaylee. The nine-year-old had her feeding tube and hanging wound removed in her stomach and is “able to eat and drink as much as she wants”. This helped improve her mood as she works with therapists. Wharton said, “Now she just has to worry about her braces and the external fixation on her leg.”

In other news, to go along with the fundraiser for the family here, Pro Wrestling Tees have released a new t-shirt – 100% of the proceeds go to Pughs. It is available at their siteAnd Shop AEW.

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