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The NWA Women’s Title match features chairs, tables, and coast-to-coast

Nawaf Said

Camille entered Naf said PPV has held the NWA World Women’s Championship for over 600 days. Her next no-outing title defense will be against six-time Knockouts Champion Angelina Love. On top of that stiff competition, there were no DQ rules in place in a wild, mystical affair.

Bad blood was running deep in this feud. Love entered first as a challenger. Camille came out of nowhere to lash out angrily. Love was able to regroup after Camille crashed into the ring post in a shoulder to shoulder attempt. Love went to work on the back. She added chair shots for more bite.

The fight progressed as a fight. Kamille ran for the powerbomb spinning torture rack. Next came the match move. Camille put Love in a corner with a trash can to fly from coast to coast.

Love was able to roll to the ground to buy some time. Camille put her opponent back in the ring. 1, 2, expelled by love.

Camille brought a table to lean against in the corner. Meanwhile, Love is back on her feet. When Camille turned, he threw Love into a trash can. Camille caught it, and Love unloaded a pump kick into the metal on his face. Love was slow to cover. 1, 2, Camille’s expulsion.

Love grabbed the title belt to use as a weapon. Love swung, and Camille snapped. Love turned around, then Camille shot a spear across the table. Camille pulled Love into the middle of the ring to get the winning pin.

Camille remains a one-time NWA World Champion.

Nawaf Said

Where does this match rank in Camille’s greatest hits of her reign?

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