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The Renegade Twins win the NWA Women’s Tag Titles

Nawaf Said

The Rebel Twins are heroes.

Charlette Renegade and Robyn Renegade won gold in the NWA Naf said PPV. They clinched the NWA World Women’s Tag Team Championship from Kenzie Page and Ella Envy. Pretty Empowered’s reign ends in 246 days.

The Rebels started strong with quick tags and a cohesive teamwork offense. Pretty Empowered used cheap tricks to quash Robyn to a long defeat. In the end, Robyn made the hot tag for her sister. Charlett ran into the wilderness and executed a bridge hunter suplex on envy. Paige made the save using a running guard to break up the pin.

Robyn wears beige clothes over the ropes. The Renegade Twins set up the Renegade’s Revenge target, but Paige was able to pull Robyn out of the ring before finishing. Envy broke free with a back elbow. Charlette sucked a clothesline and then blocked a spinning high kick. Charlett went low for a roll. 1, 2, 3, new heroes.

The Renegade Twins celebrated with the titles.

Nawaf Said

Congratulations to the rebel twins. Charlette and Robyn have been getting attention from companies like AEW. And their efforts paid off in the NWA.

How would you rank the Renegade Twins in the women’s tag team division of all professional wrestling?

Get the full results for a file Naf said here. PPV is available through Fit TV.

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