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The Rock’s daughter is the latest WWE wrestler to lose her last name

Back when Vince McMahon was running WWE Creative, he had a very strange obsession with turning his wrestlers into recognizable superstars. For example, Austin Theory and Matt Riddle both lost their first names and instead wrestled as Theory and Riddle, respectively. Vince’s habit of changing names goes back years, including people like them Antonio Cesaro, Alexander Rousseff, Apollo CrewsCharlotte tasteHumberto Carrilloshotzi black Heartangel GarzaAnd Mustafa on , lok Harper and many others.

Now that Triple H is running the show on the main roster, he’s rolled back some of Vince’s wonky changes in this area. But the era of WWE wrestlers becoming famous stars is far from over.

Many NXT viewers noticed that Ava Ren, who also happens to be the daughter of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, was simply referred to as “Ava” on this week’s episode. And now WWE’s menu page website It reflects this change, by dropping the word “Rin” from its name entirely.

Her bio on the site also dropped her title:

For weeks, a mysterious figure in a red jacket and yellow mask was seen roaming the halls of the WWE Performance Center shadowing The Schism.

On the October 25 edition of NXT, this mystery person was revealed to be none other than Ava, the fourth member of The Schism.

Alongside captain Joe Gacy as well as The Dyad (Rip Fowler and Jagger Reid), Ava has already shown that she’s willing to do what it takes to grow The Schism into the strongest force in NXT. Four roots, one tree.

Look at that, even The Rock’s daughter isn’t immune to WWE’s bizarre world of multiple name changes and superstars going by one name. Shawn Michaels is the man running things in NXT, so I’m curious to hear everything he doesn’t know about Ava’s name change.

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