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The WWE title was featured prominently in the Chiefs’ Super Bowl celebration

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WWE has been shipping copies of the championship branded with the company’s name to its sports teams for years now. Early on, it wasn’t always clear what happened to the WWE title belts – which were personalized with the winning team’s logo – upon delivery. They started out with appearances at parades and the like, but those appearances didn’t always go as well as WWE hoped.

Recently, however, they seem to have done a better job coordinating the title role in the Champions celebrations. That seemed to be the case in the Kansas City Chiefs locker room after their Super Bowl LVII win in Phoenix last night (February 12).

Belt was sitting in the game (and season) in MVP Patrick Mahomes’ chair as he was still chatting with his teammates about his great run despite hurting his ankle during the game-winning drive. Mahomes performed for the unveiling, held it up for a bit, then handed it to his teammates for more raucousness.

And at one point, speaking NXT president Arash Markazi was there to shoot him.

The Chiefs’ quarterback retrieved the belt while resting that ankle on the team bus. It looks beautiful when paired with the Lombardy Trophy.

What has changed in terms of how these belts are handled? Mahomes and the Chiefs may know the drill, having gotten one a few years ago after winning Super Bowl LIV. Or maybe it’s the influence of Dwayne Johnson fan, and all-time great KC tight end Travis Kelsey?

I suspect that between the SmackDown licensee broadcasting the game, and CEO Nick Khan’s connections in the sports world, WWE had more traction than usual in this situation.

Whatever the case, this is a great product placement for WWE. And the cake topper for the Chiefs’ loving wrestling fan.

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