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This is the new Charlotte Flair

Ever since Charlotte Flair made a surprise return and won the SmackDown Women’s Championship from Ronda Rousey, she’s been a sweetheart. She’s vowed to be a fighting champion and didn’t play in any of the properties that made her such a heel during her last run with WWE.

This, however, is a new Charlotte Flair that none of us could have predicted.

She defeated Sonya Deville to retain the SmackDown Women’s Championship on this week’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown Then he did this interview. Hear how she says only good things about both DeVille and her next opponent in WrestleMania 39Rhea Ripley:

“Yeah, I’m going to comment on that but I don’t want to gloss over tonight or Sonya Deville. She fought me hard tonight and I respect her being so persistent. I see a lot of myself in her in terms of that she thinks she deserves the chance and that she should be in my place and that she wants it and will do it anyhow.” Price. I get it. She fights for what she wants and has put together a hell of a match tonight. So, respect Sonya Deville, even though she can be annoying at times.

“Rhya Ripley – I’m glad she picked me. I’m so proud of her for winning the Royal Rumble title, especially going 1-30. I definitely think we have unfinished business but I also think I could be her nightmare, right?”

It’s just so damn…nice.

I didn’t think you’d see me today, did I?

Anyway, here are all the videos from smack down this week:

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