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This isn’t Mickie James’ last rodeo

Impact wrestling

Everyone who comes to Cageside Benches has an opinion on what happens in professional wrestling – the wrestling ratings are where you tell us who you are.

Vote in the comments. Give us the four actors you think you enjoyed or liked the most last week, and feel free to talk about why. and/or vote for your best performer in our poll.

We also have the result of last week’s vote, the results of which make up our annual contest for Cageside Cupis given to us overall performance.

This week, we’ll be voting on the online and nationally televised professional wrestling shows that took place January 15-21 – rawAnd Darkness: riseAnd darkAnd NXTAnd dynamiteAnd fusionAnd PowererAnd EffectAnd SmackDownAnd frenzyAnd Level upAnd NJPW is strongAnd anything else I forget.

But first, here’s the result of last week’s vote, and how those results changed our annual competition for Cageside Cup.

  • Hard to kill It may have wrapped up its Last Rodeo game, but after capturing the Knockouts title for the fifth time, Hardcore Country has proven it has a lot left in the tank.
  • The Intercontinental Champion turned Braun Strowman’s chest into ground beef, and the former Ms. Riott turned the internet into a bigger-than-usual war zone with her scarlet mask.
  • Doomsday’s big man was an iron man rawThe tag team gauntlet, Panama City Playboy, Bye Bye is back.
  • The Honorary Uce hasn’t won his big game like the two AEW superstars behind him did in our latest rankings, but we’ll keep track of what these three guys are doing at any given time.
  • The Cinnabon-loving AEW rising star earned points for his classic submission with the Dragon, besting a (possibly poll-driven) return to NXT for the modern day Maharaja.

CCWR: 2022-23, Week 41

1. Mickie James
2. Gunter
3. Ruby Soho
4. Damien Rev
5. Adam Cole
6. Sami Zayn
7. Kenny Omega
8. Hangman’s Page
9. Konosuke Takeshita
10. Jinder Mahal

Points in our weekly rankings determine the ongoing yearly standings – which will determine who wins Cageside Cup next April. Full details of rules and registration here.

Where the newly retired fashionista’s husband just passed a couple of guys who haven’t gotten any points for a while (albeit for different reasons)…

Ranking of the best Cageside Cup performers – during the week ending January 14th

1 – Sami Zayn 137
2. Jon Moxley – 122
3. MJF – 83
4. Gunter – 57
5. Wardlaw – 56
6. CM Punk – 54
7. Dax Harwood – 41.5
8. Claudio Castagnoli – 38
9. Will Asprey – 35
10. Orange Cassidy – 32.5

Ready to do it again? You can always check the “how to” here If you need it, or ask a question in the comments. But don’t be afraid to dive in! You give us clicks and comments, and we’ll take it from there.

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