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Tommy Dreamer saves Mickey James from the Bully Ray table

EC-Dub! EC-Dub!

Who would have thought that Tommy Dreamer and Bully Ray would be embroiled in a heated feud in 2023? Not to mention, Mickie James is thick in the middle of it. It’s a tough time in the area of ​​influence.

The final chapter of this story began Thursday night Impact wrestling. Bully demanded a platform to address the world, much like James had two weeks earlier. Before entering the ring, Bully tore off the young boy’s tag and left him hanging at a height of five. The bully also bullied a little girl by staring at her until she hid behind her parents.

The bully voiced his complaints about not being liked. Verbally ran down the liar dreamer and snake. Bully claimed Dreamer is the biggest phony in the business. Much like Bully did two weeks ago, James came on stage to interrupt Bully with some Hardcore Country.

James wasn’t taking anything from Polly’s shit. I ordered him to get the hell out of the way. The bully threatened to knock the stupid smile off her face. He could have taken the high road, but instead, he took the low road by calling James a bum. Slap!

James slapped Polly, who responded with a heavy blow. John Skyler and Jason Hotch entered the scene to get the tables. While Bully lifted James for a powerbomb, Dreamer ran in with a kendo stick. The bad guys disperse to safety.

Sooner or later, Dreamer will settle for beef with Bully. Until then, Dreamer proposed a tag team match against Skyler & Hotch. Dreamer is hardcore, and James is country. A country hardened against good hands.

Bully’s goons held back until Santino Marella used his power to book the official match for the next week. If there was any business for the Bully monkeys, Santino would put down his power hammer.

Impact doesn’t shy away from working the genders, so James will get his hands dirty in the match.

If, like me, you’ve been wondering if James’ argument against Polly could be a way to bring in Nick Aldis (James’ husband), well, it looks like National Treasure will be busy with bookings this month. the influence no giving up A special event is February 24, and Aldis is scheduled to be in Australia on the same date.

Are you enjoying this feud’s story so far?

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