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Tony Khan is closely following Vince’s WWE comeback, planning AEW house shows

AP via Bleacher Report

It’s a great week for Tony Khan. His father’s NFL team, the Jacksonville Jaguars, is in the playoffs for the first time since 2017, and AEW is putting on a big show tonight (January 11) in Los Angeles.

He was the owner, chief and agent of all the elites On Radio Orlando FM 96.9 the game earlier this week to talk about football (TK is in charge of the Jags’ analytics) and touched on a couple of topics about professional wrestling in the process.

Like anyone in the wrestling business or a fan of it, Khan has been watching the story of Vince McMahon’s return to power in WWE:

“Yeah, I’m definitely following her closely.”

Can’t say more about that, but can comment on talk of AEW shows running in 2023. The company has run one non-televised event in its history (April 9, 2021). The house always wins in Jacksonville), but one of Jeff Jarrett’s behind-the-scenes roles reportedly involved changing that. Here’s what the Double-J president had to say about it:

“That’s something we talk about. We have a great live events team with Rafael Murphy and Chris Harrington and a bunch of amazing people that I work with, and now Jeff Jarrett is very experienced, and Jeff Jarrett comes in to work in the office as well. That’s something we talk about a lot and build this live event on because There is definitely a demand for live AEW events.

“Now we have this big, great, strong roster that really wants to go out and do live events so I think that’s something we’ll do.”

Ticket demand for AEW shows was a hot topic last year, and it wasn’t because they were sold out everywhere they went. The company was running the same towns over and over at that point, and as it expands to more of the West Coast and international cities, it could drive up demand everywhere.

Whatever happens with Vince and WWE over the coming months, interest in AEW may also increase as well. For this and other reasons, we will all be following this story with Tony Khan.

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