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Tony Khan says he’s interested in buying WWE…if they let him

Photo by Robin Jones-Bournemouth/Bournemouth via Getty Images

WWE told the world that he was for sale, because that was Chairman Vince McMahon’s stated reason for forcing him back into the company. Who are the potential buyers whose names have been published in the trade press? AEW’s Tony Khan and his billionaire father, Shad.

The younger Khan confirmed his interest before (while on CBS Sports Radio Maggie and Perloff show), and he did it again recently on Mark Hook Show.

In both interviews, Khan seemed to express some doubts about selling WWE – or if they’d let him do an offer even if they were already selling out.

This is what TK told Hawk when asked if there was “any fact” to speak that he and his father are “trying to buy WWE”:

“I don’t know exactly what’s going to happen there. I’ve been told, and I think they’ve said publicly, that there might be a sale. And I think if there is a sale there, I’m certainly interested in it — and I’m likely to be involved in it. So we’ll have to see what Is that process, and who are they going to let them be involved in it. But I certainly care a lot about it.”

Khan wasn’t the only one to express doubts about whether Vince was serious about selling WWE, or doubt that McMahon & team would consider selling to the hottest replacement on the market if they were.

However, the possibility is interesting. For Tony Khan it is like any other wrestling fan or industry observer.

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