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Tony Khan “struggled hard” to book Mark Briscoe and pay tribute to Jay Briscoe on Dynamite

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The AEW & ROH owner also spoke about his inability to build FTR/Briscoes on TV last year, revealing details of a presentation they filmed last week for broadcast.

It took a terrible tragedy, but we’ll finally get to see Briscoe’s brother on AEW TV tonight (January 25).

Ever since Tony Khan bought Ring of Honor last spring, there have been questions as to whether an act synonymous with that promotion would appear on Dynamite or Rampage. It’s been reported that AEW’s television partners Warner Bros Discovery have objected to Khan booking the Dem Boys due to controversy in the past – news TK seemed to confirm when he announced he had re-signed the Dem Boys to long-term contracts with ROH only.

But with the death of Jamin “Jay Briscoe” Pugh last week and the outpouring of love from wrestlers and fans alike for Jay and his brother Mark, the nameless manager(s) are finally back on track. Now we’ll see Mark Briscoe wrestling on TBS, during the show that will pay tribute to his brother and partner.

Khan spoke generally about the change in policy on the battlefield Podcast Shortly after Mark Briscoe vs. Jay Lethal announced on this week’s show in Lexington, Kentucky, on Beau’s 39th birthday:

“It’s going to be a great match to honor a great man. Those guys asked for it. Wednesday will be the 39th birthday of the late great Jay Briscoe and his old friend and rival Jay Lethal and brother Mark Briscoe wanted to honor Jay Briscoe’s legacy and I’ve fought really hard to make that happen and I’m really excited about Match.

“I think it’s great that they’re able to honor the legacy of someone that everyone respects in pro wrestling. That would be a really cool thing for everyone in the locker room to rally around the Briscoe family.”

Then today during one of his semi-regular visits To Sirius XM’s bust unlockKahn spoke about the great trio The Briscoes had with FTR on the ROH PPV in 2022. In the process, he talked about his desire to give the teams more time on AEW TV:

“I wanted to be able to do more to build these matches on TV, I really did. To the best of my abilities I tried to build the matches and at least give them the platform to be able to have these matches even if we can’t do all the shows and storylines on The TV we wanted.”

TK also provided some additional info on the “Celebration of Life” special that’s coming to ROH’s subscription streaming service and YouTube channel (a show that before yesterday’s news was thought to be the only tribute to Jay Briscoe that TK could do):

  • The duration of the show is three hours.
  • In addition to matches recorded after dynamite And frenzy Last Wednesday in Fresno, California, the special will feature some of Jay Briscoe’s best matches, and interviews with the people who know Jamin Bug best.
  • More information on when the special will be uploaded after tonight dynamite.

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