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Tony Khan thinks he ‘put CM Punk on ice’

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CM Punk has not been a part of AEW programming since the infamous events that occurred after the events Everyone out PPV last weekend for Labor Day. We’ve heard reports of Tony Khan negotiating to buy out his contract, and we’ve watched the guys on the other side of those September 4-5 comebacks on TV.

Punk is also recovering from a serious injury, one of two he’s suffered in 2022. Given all that, his latest status update with AEW from Wrestling Newsletter makes sense:

For now, on Punk’s part, the belief is that Tony Khan has put Punk on ice for the time being, as there are no ideas for using him presented but no talk whatsoever of his release either.

There’s no sign of a thaw in relations between AEW and the two-time world champion, but that hasn’t killed hope among fans – and at least one guy currently employed by Tony Khan – that Punk could come back into the fold at times. Point after the torn left triceps muscle has healed.

And this update won’t turn anything off either. There’s no point in pitching creativity to someone who might not be available until May. If anything, the lack of talk of an edition or some other type of eventual purchase could be interpreted as good news.

Stay tuned.

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