You are currently viewing Tweets of the week: Allen hits Chargers fans, Naomi, Bayley, Mercedes reunion, and more!

Tweets of the week: Allen hits Chargers fans, Naomi, Bayley, Mercedes reunion, and more!

It’s time again for Sunday silliness with Tweets of the Week. It will contain random treats with an emphasis on the three elements: bods, monsters, and buffoonery.

Oh, some of them may not be from this week and not be Tweets. Enjoy it anyway.

We’ll start with some NFL riots. If you haven’t heard, Tony Khan’s dad owns the Jacksonville Jaguars, and TK serves as the senior president of football and analytics. Since the Khan family also owns AEW, that means the Jaguars have become a wrestler-supported team. This is where this video comes in. The Jaguars had a playoff game against the San Diego Chargers. Chargers fans were upset and Jags fans were intimidated. Darby Allen came to the kick-ass rescue in comical fashion.

Jaguars coach Doug Pederson must have played this halftime video to inspire the team to their comeback comeback victory, 31-30.

If there’s one thing professional wrestlers do when they visit Japan, it’s choosing a Ribera Steakhouse jacket. So did Naomi, Bayley and Mercedes Mooney (aka Sasha Banks).

Speaking of steaks, Baron Corbin brings meat again.

I never expected Ice T to be featured in Tweets of the Week, yet here we go. What a wonderful world. Ice T has perfected the clip-on face swap from Edge.

Giddy, Cardona Cowboy.

Enjoy a cat eating Doritos. It’s not an ordinary cat. She is 2pawz from the family of Natalia Neidhart and Tyson Kidd.

MLW World Heavyweight Champion Alexander Hammerston gets the best compliments.

If you’re not familiar with Hammerman’s physique, enjoy a summit at Muscle Mountain.

“Speedball” Mike Bailey brings interesting facts. It does not matter whether this is true or not. It’s still hard to think.

Speedball’s Impact competitor Kenny King competed in proper style Response“That’s why I want to hit him all the time.”

Although I don’t know anything about cigars, the Taz range looks great. To be honest, I thought the caption, “Da Stash,” would reveal a new mustache.

La Facción Ingobernable newspaper entertained a bit of the criticism that Perro Peligroso could not pronounce his name correctly.

We’ll close with a tip from Seth Rollins. Even Sheamus hadn’t heard of this trick.

Now, we just need Seth and Sheamus to duet,”ButterflyBy Crazy Town. Come, madam, come, come madam, you are my butterfly, my dear.

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