You are currently viewing Tweets of the week: Baron Corbin’s Super Bowl snack, Eddie Kingston singing karaoke, and more!

Tweets of the week: Baron Corbin’s Super Bowl snack, Eddie Kingston singing karaoke, and more!

It’s time again for Sunday silliness with Tweets of the Week. It will contain random treats with an emphasis on the three elements: bods, monsters, and buffoonery.

Oh, some of them may not be from this week and not be Tweets. Enjoy it anyway.

Baron Corbin is back with delicious dishes. This Super Bowl snack idea sounds delicious.

Want some music with your snacks? Eddie Kingston has you covered. Cheeseburger posted a video of the Mad King singing karaoke on the Jericho cruise. Guess which song Kingston chose?

This clip from The Rock makes me more interested in Zoa’s drinks than any of the polished ads. The change in music adds an extra layer of fun.

Sticking to the beverage train, Steve Austin knows how to put ice to good use. The video is a bit slow, but the payoff is fun.

Where is Miro? At a Korean barbecue. Click through the photos to see him gobbling up a meal.

A little context for this next. Beth Phoenix punished Dom Mysterio with a Glam Slam while he was screaming for Mami.

Beth used Dom’s expression of terror as motivation in the gym, while trash-talking Rhea Ripley in her caption.

Renee Bucket is about the life of a bulldog.

Dante Martin and Konosuke Takeshita developed hand-eye coordination using a punching ball device. A translation of the Japanese tweet reads: “A portable punching ball that develops dynamic vision and footwork by hitting a ball attached to a hair band with a rubber cord. Check out Dante’s great punches. And Konosuke Takeshita’s first challenge!? During AEW’s long run, everyone has meals and times A different break. In order to focus, I also value time to relax.”

Stick to translation advice, I have no idea how accurate this is from Hikaru Shida’s tweet, but it looks pretty funny. “Isn’t there a fierce man who will go with me to the horse crab hot radish bowl I was talking about…!?”

Lee Moriarty lost to Orange Cassidy for the AEW All-Atlantic Championship frenzy, but it was not due to lack of preparation. Moriarty went for the taiga style of training.

Last on the list this week is BOOGS!


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