You are currently viewing Tweets of the Week: Sheamus Snow Angels, Carmella’s Vampire Facial, and More!

Tweets of the Week: Sheamus Snow Angels, Carmella’s Vampire Facial, and More!

It’s time again for Sunday silliness with Tweets of the Week. It will contain random treats with an emphasis on the three elements: bods, monsters, and buffoonery.

Oh, some of them may not be from this week and not be Tweets. Enjoy it anyway.

He challenged Seamus Bayley to a bobsled push competition. The loser had to undress and do snow angels in the cold. This section is setup.

The payoff was in the end Videos of Celtic Warrior Workouts. It’s worth watching the beginning to see Bayley’s reaction to Seamus’ fart.

Have you ever heard of a vampire’s face? Well, Carmela has a video that shows the process. It’s wild.

Fin Balor with sunflowers. It doesn’t get more useful than that.

Sammy Guevara worked on his love for Dragon Ball Z in a skit that smacked Ty Mello’s ass.

books! Boogs? Disaster struck when Boogs put an XXL T-shirt over his fleshy frame.

Dr. Beau Hightower gave Lana the job.

Watch the full chiropractor session here.

Tommy Dreamer felt the groove to dance with Gail Kim.

Speaking of dancing, Rosemary and Crazy Steve tried to hide their goofy moves from Alisha Edwards and Tasha Stiles.

Joey Janela fed the gator while wearing some cute shoes. I hope this doesn’t give the bad boy any dangerous ideas for a wrestling match.

Flashbacks of the week go to Kurt Angle in a test of strength with a circle of friends at a house show.

Taya Valkyrie posted a stylish montage of photos with her friend Fenix ​​over the years together in lucha libre.

We’ll conclude with Dax Harwood reviewing the special tequila he got as a Christmas gift.

He takes a fancy to the Harwood House.

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