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Two of CMLL’s superstars are jumping on deck for a surprise debut in AAA


AAA pulled off a huge surprise for their first show of 2023. During a TV taping in Queretaro on Saturday night (January 21), two major CMLL superstars jumped aboard in shocking appearances. Negro Casas and Dalys are in the house. Atangana!

After the main event between Psycho Clown & Pentagon Jr. vs. Sam Adonis & Daga Bestia 666 and Mecha Wolf crash the ring for a dos tecnicos rudo party. A pair of “fans” wearing a psycho clown mask jumped the barrier to clean the house. The masks were removed to reveal Negro Casas and Dalys. The live crowd went wild in response to the husband and wife joining AAA.

This is a huge shock in the lucha libre world. It’s safe to assume that the news came as a surprise to CMLL. Negro Casas and Dalys wrestle for CMLL on Tuesday (January 17) last week, and Luchablog reports that shows have been announced for next week.

Negro Casas has been a superstar in CMLL for decades. He held the middleweight, welterweight, tag team, and triple championships in the promotion. Negro Casas was inducted into the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame in 1996 and ranked #33 in the PWI 500 of 1999. Even at 63 years old, he can still deliver quality matches. Dalys has been the driving force of CMLL’s women’s division. She is a former world champion and held the belt for 983 days.

As Conan is fond of saying, when you think you know the answer, he changes the question.

Are you pumped for Negro Casas and Dalys to make it to AAA? Who do you want to see wrestle?

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