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Vince seems to be doing more than just focusing on selling WWE

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When it was announced last Friday that Triple H assured the WWE roster that he still had the final say on all creativity after his father-in-law Vince McMahon returned to the company, many people expressed their skepticism.

Many of us have first-hand experience with a business owner telling us to “don’t believe the rumors” after management or ownership changes like the ones we’ve seen in WWE over the past couple of weeks – only for the rumors to come true shortly thereafter. By the time Trips held his meeting, his wife, Stephanie McMahon, had already resigned a few days after reassuring staff that the leadership structure would not change following Vince’s return from a brief retirement forced by scandal. We’ve heard rumors that Vince wanted Creativity back, and we were close to getting information that he’s been giving (negative, unpredictable) feedback to several managements despite assurances that he was only focused on a potential sale of the company.

So, you probably won’t be too surprised to hear that people backstage at WWE expect McMahon to start appearing on Raw and SmackDown before too long. At least that’s what Observer Wrestling RadioDave Meltzer heard:

“He hasn’t gotten into creativity yet as far as I know, but…of all the things that have been said between what Vince said when he came back, what the company said and everything – it’s been a little over a week, and everything probably changed more quickly than I expected, With Stephanie and Vince leaving The Office – he hasn’t gone to TV yet, but I’d say probably yet. Will he go to TV? I don’t know. There are definitely rumors going around that he will.

“I’ve asked people, and they wouldn’t be surprised, but it’s not like there’s a date, like is he going to be in a week from Monday? Is he going to be at the Rumble or whatever? Who knows, but there’s this feeling that Vince is going to want to be on TV, And he’ll get a great reaction when he does that. But he’s in the office, he talks about things other than selling, and I think there’s probably going to be more and more of Vince’s fingerprints as time goes on. As far as creativity goes, it just depends on — who knows? If Vince wanted it, he’d work to get it.”

in Observer daily update On January 15, Meltzer also confirmed reports from Ringside News about the elder McMahon’s return to the office, which included A “lifelong member of Team WWE” told the controversial website that:

“[Vince] He brought back Brad Bloom, also his chief of staff, who had just been let go about a month and a half ago. “

It’s true that almost everything we read about the inner workings of WWE these days is primarily gossip. But it’s also true that everything that’s been confirmed since Vince’s official comeback was announced on Jan. 6 has involved him gaining more power (not that he’s really lost her 81% of the voting shares in his holding).

Will it end where the pessimists think it will? Or will the people telling the wrestling community to relax be proven right?

Time will tell. Expect this type of report to continue to be issued fairly regularly until we know for sure.

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