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Wait… Are Becky and Bayley feuding over Seth now?

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In 2019, WWE tracked down Becky Lynch winning the main event WrestleMania 35 Through her feud with Lacey Evans. They then made that decision even more baffling by adding Baron Corbin to the show, allying Lynch onscreen with her then-real-life boyfriend, Seth Rollins.

The program didn’t do much for anyone – those participating or those watching. The man did not like how she was treated. Both she and Seth said they hoped WWE wouldn’t use their relationship to storyline again.

However, as WWE looks to move forward on the long-running Lynch/Bayley feud (and the criticism they received after a steel cage match between the two was cut short for a time on Raw XXX), it is at least used as a device in the storyline.

Bayley fired several shots related to Seth in her promotional battle with Becky raw Last night (30 Jan).

“You’re not good enough for your husband, Seth Frickin’ Rollins. Come on, don’t act like you don’t know? I mean, the only reason he married you is because he fired you!”

While the social media teams of WWE and their partners played this as an “OH NO SHE DIDN’T” moment, Lynch and Bayley didn’t touch on it during the clip. Still, Becky kept it up on Twitter herself after the show.

Admittedly, the rivalry between the two knights needed some heat. He has remained standing, in part for reasons beyond WWE’s control (such as the injury Lynch suffered summerslam last year just as Bayley was making a comeback with her new band). It is understood that they will take a big swing like this while booking the steel cage for next Monday.

We don’t know it will be anything other than fodder for the rubbish. Rowe’s parents haven’t been together on screen in a while, and that’s unlikely to change that.

Can’t blame anyone who witnessed the winner take every Extreme Rules ’19 mixed main event if they’re rocking it now though. I mean, look what happened to our SF Rollins guy…

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