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Watch Powerlifter Jacob Green Squat 254.9 Kilograms (562 Pounds) for an All-Time PR

With each new year, with roughly 12 months as their proverbial ball of training clay, some athletes prefer to take their time and ease into potentially lofty goals. Such a sentiment doesn’t apply to young Jacob Green, who has hit the ground running in 2023 with a surprising amount of new energy.

On January 8, 2023, Green posted a video on his Instagram profile where he got a 254.9-kilogram (562-pound) back squat with knees.. According to the caption of his post, successful lifting is one all-time personal record (PR). In addition to his knee wrap, Green used a lifting belt to help him achieve the PR. Green also performs the squat with a slow and deliberate three-second eccentric, or lowering phase.

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A USA Powerlifting (USAPL) Juniors powerlifter later, Green crushing it on the squat rack and throughout the gym is nothing new for this young dynamo. In fact, it fits the bill for a rising phenom.

Just two days after logging this one-rep max squat PR, Green shared a clip of himself completing a 234.9-kilogram (518-pound) squat for a five-rep PR. When it comes to leg endurance, Green is no slouch either. He did the 200-kilogram (441-pound) squat AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) for 12 reps in November 2022. He entered the session with the goal of completing nine reps, but the weight of his stacked barbell “felt. it’s too easy,” so he continued to push himself.

About two weeks before showing off the new torque in his piston legs at a one-rep max, Green bench-pressed 176.4-kilograms (385-pounds) for a three-rep PR late in the day. in December 2022. a chance for a little redemption. He wrote that previously failing the same third rep in August 2022 was “out of character.” Naturally, returning to the same weight and the same setup and successfully pushing on this occasion is a quality way for the athlete to “redeem” himself.

Green’s competitive history has been a little all over the place as an athlete who has moved up and down weight classes and divisions as he matured in recent years. Per Open Powerlifting, he is not a competitor who loads his calendar with a cadre of events every year. As such, his most recent appearance was a victory at the 2022 USAPL Virginia Open State Championships in the Teenage division and 100-kilogram (220-pound) weight class.

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With nearly a year’s worth of time ahead of him, Green is free to turn 2023 into a tentpole moment in his explosive career at a comfortable pace. Based on his start of the new year, he should have a lot to celebrate to meet the New Year this coming December.

Featured image: @jg_kg on Instagram

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