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WBD loves AEW, even if Power Slap proves they don’t have wrestling fans

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In a good sign of Tony Khan’s ability to land a new TV deal with Warner Bros Discovery when his current AEW expires next year (and hopefully it gets him more money), Kathleen Finch, chief content officer at WBD US Networks Deadline said This week that dynamite And frenzy “kills” in the ratings every week.

That’s why Finch spoke again about the media giant’s desire to develop relevant programming that will appeal to an AEW audience. Unfortunately, one of their ideas on this front is Dana White power slapwhich in addition to drawing criticism from all over the world, also failed to retain much of its popularity dynamiteThe audience at the premiere last Wednesday (January 18th).

Bear Finch, that should come as a surprise to WBD executives who thought there was “a lot of overlap” between fans of professional wrestling and people who enjoy seeing defenseless humans get concussions from open hand blows.

“This is amazing [Power Slap] is an experience. The point is that we make shows for our audience, and that is who we work for. Wrestling fans overlap a lot with fans on this and it’s huge on social media, so the idea really is, if we can take something that’s huge on social, bring it into a linear audience that gives the fans what they want.

“It might surprise you knowing that I didn’t know much about wrestling prior to taking this job. I know, I sound like a fan of wrestling, but I’m not. But I had to learn a lot about the crowd. Lots of families watching [wrestling]I was very surprised to find out. I have great respect for this audience. AEW Wrestling airs on two of our networks, TNT and TBS – kills on both nights. Finding something that speaks to this audience, it’s going to be gold.”

The strategy of trying to keep the AEW audience in tune makes sense, but I’m not sure how you think the slap fighting league is the best way to appeal to the families you learned wrestling together.

Why did they leave? BattleBots, In any case? Kids love robot fighting time!

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