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What is carbohydrate 10

Carbohydrate supplements are not created equal. Most are made from maltodextrin, dextrose, and highly branched silica dextrin. But you may have recently seen a carbohydrate source on the back of a supplement label called Carb10®. carbohydrates 10® It is a fast-acting, low-glycemic carbohydrate derived from pea starch, which unlike other carbohydrate sources does not spike insulin. We’ll talk more about what a Carb10® supplement is and how this carbohydrate source can help you further your goals.

What is carbohydrate 10®

Carb10® It is a proprietary item created by the company Solutions complexwhich also produces other popular food ingredients such as, dynaminAnd the Amino 9And the InstaminusAnd the Peak O2And the Techrin.

Carb10® is a fast-acting, legume-based carbohydrate source derived from the starch of peas. Unlike supplements with maltodextrin, which can cause abnormal spikes in blood sugar and insulin levels leading to lethargy, sugar crashes and bloating, Carb10® is a clean, low-glycemic source of sustained energy. Peas contain what is called resistant starch, which is not as quickly digested and converted into glucose as most starches. Peas are resistant to digestion and pass into the large intestine where much of the nutrients are used as a food source by the healthy bacteria that live in the intestines and colon which act in a similar way to soluble and insoluble dietary fiber.

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How does Carb10 compare to Maltodextrin?

If you’re an endurance athlete, carbs are worth their weight in gold. Carbohydrates provide your body with the muscle fuel and energy it needs to push harder, recover faster, and move faster. But not all nutritional supplements are created equal. Most supplements contain fast-acting carbohydrate sources such as highly branched cyclic dextrin, maltodextrin, waxy cornstarch, and dextrose. The problem with these carbs is that they spike your insulin, send your energy through the roof, and then bring you off a cliff. That’s because they’re made with modified corn starch, which works the same way as sugar. Excess insulin as well as glucose in the blood may also lead to unwanted weight gain and additional sugar storage as body fat.

Clinical studies have shown that Carb10® provides an 82% lower insulin response and a 27% lower blood sugar response than maltodextrin. Carb10® contains prebiotic properties that contribute to a healthy gut microbiome, while low osmolality enables Carb10® to speed up the stomach by reducing bloating [R].

HBCD and Carb10 both have a low osmolality that helps promote gastric emptying which prevents carbohydrates from sitting in your stomach that can cause bloating or a feeling heavier than you normally would. Carb10 ensures that carbohydrates pass through the stomach into the small intestine where they are absorbed and transported to your muscles for energy.

Carbs 10: Takeaway

If you’re looking for a fast-acting carbohydrate to help you restore and maintain steady energy levels, Carb10 is a great choice. Carb10 is vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, and has rapid stomach emptying without spikes in insulin and blood glucose. Improve your recovery with Carb10 supplementation.

Ready to boost your performance and recovery with Carb10?

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