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What is growth hormone?

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What is growth hormone?

Also known as somatropin , it is produced by the pituitary gland in the brain . Among its functions, it is responsible for increasing height and muscle mass, reducing body fat and controlling the body’s metabolism.

Some people are born with a deficiency of growth hormones , which causes various health problems. There are medications that contain this hormone and manage to stabilize the level of somatropin and avoid these complications.

When is it needed?

Normally, it is detected that a child is not growing at the rate it should until the age of three , where the comparison with the rest makes the difference in height noticeable. To ensure that the child may need growth hormone, the doctor may carry out a series of tests to find out the bone age, the insulin growth factor, the level of secretion of somatropin or other hormones , or insulin tolerance. . Depending on the results, a supplement will be prescribed or not to cover the possible lack of growth hormone.

Doses are usually given through daily injections . The treatment usually lasts several years, although the applications may vary over time if the doctor considers it necessary.

Treatment started early is more likely to be successful than one started late. The child can reach a normal height for her age if the process begins in her first years of life.

Side effects

Although very rare, growth hormone doses can cause:

  • Headaches .
  • Fluid retention.
  • Joint and muscle pain.
  • Abnormalities in the hip bones.

Diseases that are treated with growth hormone

There are some diseases or disorders for which the use of growth hormone is usually indicated, such as:

  • Short stature with slow growth in children : it is a pathology that normally develops due to genetic causes. In the growth curves the child appears with a percentile lower than 3.
  • Chronic kidney failure : The kidneys are unable to filter toxins or waste from the blood.
  • Turner syndrome : is the lack of part or all of an X chromosome, causing short stature and delayed development.
  • Noonan syndrome : occurs when there is a mutation on chromosome 12, which causes short stature, heart disease, and facial malformations.
  • Prader-Willi syndrome : a fault in chromosome 15 causes a lack of satiety, as well as problems with growth and muscle tone.
  • Weight loss caused by AIDS .
  • Short bowel syndrome .

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