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Why Mercedes Mooney is so passionate about fighting for the promotion of all women

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Mercedes Mooney’s (fca Sasha Banks) wrestling debut is approaching, and New Japan City heats up on February 18th. Battle in the valley By introducing their fans to one of the most decorated female wrestlers in WWE.

a Printed interview on their website It is the latest part of their efforts to do so. Moné covers a lot of the same ground she had in the past regarding her reasons for choosing to come to Japan – how the legendary joshi (women’s) wrestlers of the past inspired her to join the field, and the respect she has for the stream. Joshis – and what are her goals now that she’s working with NJPW and their all-female sister promotion, Stardom:

“I was so amazed by them that Japan became my number one target even before WWE. So I was able to achieve what I wanted to achieve in WWE, and now I am living this international dream.

“…I am glad to start this [her ‘World Tour’] in Japan, and with NJPW and Stardom. Stardom, to me, has the best female wrestlers in the world, and I really want to cement my legacy with the wrestling fans, cementing my name as the greatest female wrestler of all time. I’m ready to go. “

Moné confirms that she spent a month living in Mexico last fall, training with guys like Skayde, Ricky Marvin, and Bandido. She also says that her trip to Japan last month was something she would do even if negotiations with Bushiroad (the parent company of NJPW & Stardom) didn’t work out. If there’s anything to New Japan Heat reports for posting about training with wrestlers from other promotions, it’s her answer to the question of how the locker room greeted her when she debuted. Wrestling Kingdom 17 It can be read as:

“I’ve met a few Stardom wrestlers from coming to Japan and training with them – I always try to hop around a lot of dojos and learn from a lot of people when I’m there. I feel like doing that earns some respect I hope – I can just show the respect I have for them, the passion that I have for them.” They have to wrestle the same that I do.”

The most interesting part of the interview with this writer was when Mercedes was asked to talk about how jiu-jitsu has historically presented men and women wrestling in different promotions and shows, unlike the mixed cards offered in most parts of the world. Her answer is mostly a standard promotional rhetoric, but Moné does offer one advantage to the discrete model — more time for women:

“I just got to try out WWE development as a female show. I’ve never been a part of an all-female promotion like Stardom, so this will be a first for me. I’ve always been mingling with and sharing with men, maybe five minutes of a weekly three-hour TV show. So I’m really excited to be a part of Stardom and be a part of all the women’s shows. I’m intrigued to see what it’s like and how it all works, but he’s been working for Japan for a very long time, and being involved in all these potential new matches keeps me excited about the future.”

Of course, Mercedes debuted for the IWGP Women’s Championship after it took place at the Tokyo Dome on January 4 and got just over five minutes, and her and Kairi’s match for the belt was currently Joshi’s only match at the moment. card for Battle in the valley. So we’ll have to double check with the CEO after she finally works a joshi-only event.

But maybe New Japan will start giving the ladies more time after Mooney and Keri deliver what Mercedes has been claiming will be “the greatest match ever” in San Jose next month?

Check out the all new Japan talk with their new superstar here.

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