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WWE conveniently ignores AEW superstar in 2023 Royal Rumble ‘By The Numbers’ video

There are a lot of numbers to trace back throughout the history of the Royal Rumble, which is why WWE’s annual “By The Numbers” video for the event is always fun.

This year’s version was posted on WWE’s YouTube page earlier today, again ignoring Daniel Bryan’s 76:06 remaining time in the Greatest Royal Rumble match as the longest in history, instead highlighting Rey Mysterio’s Iron Man performance in 2006. The Greatest Royal Rumble numbers are included in some other Places, such as the total number of participants and the number of winners, so there is a discrepancy here.

A lot of the numbers in this video are carried over from 2022, adding how important it is to pull one of the last 10 entries in a match:

Here are this year’s numbers:

1988: In the first year that the Royal Rumble has been held

1250: Participants in the match since its inception

32: Number of winners which is approx 2.5% of the total participants

19: Royal Rumble winners who then win the World Championship at WrestleMania

57:12Endurance record: Bianca Belair for the women’s Royal Rumble

62:12: Rey Mysterio’s endurance record for the men’s Royal Rumble

wrestlers who entered #1 and won the Rumble, but only Shawn Michaels is listed in 1995 and Edge’s 2021 (disguise on Chris Benoit in 2004, as is WWE policy)

78%: The number of times one of the last 10 participants has won a Royal Rumble match

: 01Fastest elimination in Royal Rumble history (Santino Marella)

9Superstars who have won multiple Rumbles (Hogan, Michaels, Austin, Cena, Edge, Batista, Triple H, Orton, Lesnar)

13: Record for eliminations in a single Royal Rumble match. The video refers to Brock Lesnar’s 13 consecutive eliminations from 2020, but does not include Strowman’s elimination of 13 men at the Greatest Royal Rumble in 2018).

18: The number of Royal Rumble matches Kane participated in, which is the all-time record

45: the number of career eliminations Kane made in those games, also an all-time record

15: Charlotte Flair’s number of career eliminations, a women’s record. I’ve done this across 4 separate matches.

4: The number of times San Antonio has hosted a Royal Rumble, including this year, with 3 of those events taking place at the Alamodome.

3: is the number of times Stone Cold Steve Austin has won the Royal Rumble, which is an all-time record

How do you see the numbers changing after this year, Kagesider?

Will Brock Lesnar join Steve Austin as the only three-time winner? Will Stone Cold emerge as a surprise entrant and win for the fourth time? Will Kane be a surprise entrant and add to his records for Rumble appearances and eliminations? Will another woman beat Bianca Belair’s record survival time? Will some poor sap be wiped out in less than one second?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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