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WWE has said it is considering being an NXT star in the new Hurt Business


On and off screen, we’re getting indications that WWE will bring back Bobby Lashley & MVP back in The Hurt Business someday soon.

this week Wrestling Newsletter He gave us an insight into what the famous short-lived stable could look like in 2023, and includes a name from the development he’s sure ready to call two-time North American Champion Carmelo Hayes:

…the idea of ​​Hayes in the Hurt Business has been touched upon with MVP, [Shelton] benjamin, [Cedric] Alexander and Lashley. This was a discussion, not a specific. But there was talk of Hayes coming to the main roster. It likely won’t happen until after April when it looks like Bron Breaker vs. Hayes is the main eventer at the 4/1 NXT show in Los Angeles.

There are a lot of caveats in this snippet, so we won’t worry too much about this snippet until we hear it’s more akin to “specific”. Or, if you do, maybe follow the cool trail of Raw and NXT references Marcus Benjamin Did he when he first heard the rumors in the Cageside (aka Slack) offices?


Unless they plan to do a file Something Rocky/Farouk The reason is in no way that Milo and Lashley get along.

Which actually wouldn’t be a bad idea. Milo feuds with Lashley for a while, they have a match after everyone turns on Lashley, and Milo gets his own stable.

Whatever you think of Marcus’ idea, the point is, there are ways Hayes’ debut as a new member of The Hurt Business could be a bad story, and ways it could be a good story. We’re not always on the “let’s play” team here at cSs, but we are when all we have is a note that something has been discussed behind the scenes.

And frankly, we’re upset no one asked the most important question: What happens to Trek Williams in this scenario?

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