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WWE is doing the right thing

raw Broadcasting tonight (January 16th) with a live show from Heritage Bank Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. This is the eighth episode of raw During nine weeks building approx royal rumble, which will take place on January 28.

Splitting the tag team titles is the right thing to do

The final week of WWE programming indicated that the design is finally open to the idea of ​​splitting the unified tag team titles.

Judgment Day won a tag team/gauntlet match to specifically earn a shot at raw Team titles tag, currently held by the United States. Meanwhile, Banger Bros. has entered a tournament that will determine new number one contenders for SmackDown Team titles tagwhich is also currently maintained by the United States.

This is the first time that Jimmy and Jey have defended the titles from each brand separately since they became double champions the previous May. This booking decision could have much bigger ramifications if it also opens the door for WWE to split the unified titles that Roman Reigns currently holds.

After several months of The Usos and Roman defending their double titles as a single entity, it was all too easy to miss the fact that Adam Pearce specified that these upcoming matches would be just one for the tag team belts. WWE should make sure to reiterate that point tonight, just to make sure that everyone watching the show knows what’s going on.

Will we receive an explanation of the sudden change-up story as to why the Usos now have to defend titles separately? For example, is Adam Pearce trying to punish them for their attempted kidnapping raw In recent weeks?

The way the concept of defending the titles separately was introduced out of nowhere isn’t cool, but splitting the belts is the right thing to do. There are a lot of tag teams with nowhere to go in terms of climbing the ladder in WWE, because at this point it’s pretty well established that The Usos don’t drop the belts. The Viking Raiders and Legado del Fantasma are two teams that lost in the shuffle SmackDownfor example, as heel teams who have almost no chance of winning the Gold Championship due to the Usos being the top heel team in WWE.

as far as raw For feuds between teams like The Judgment Day, Street Profits, and The OC could easily be improved if there were tournament stakes. This kind of high-risk urgency is exactly what the recent feud between Doomsday and The O.C. was missing, and it damaged their rivalry as a result.

Will Damien Priest, Finn Balor, Rhea Ripley, and hardened criminal Dominic Mysterio be able to do what no one has up to this point and effectively beat The Bloodline for championship gold? If their next match in the tournament is both sets for the tag team titles, the answer will almost certainly be “no”. but only with raw Nickname tags are up for grabs, title change plays a big part.

The rest of the title scene

raw Women’s champion Bianca Belair wasn’t around last week after she was brutally attacked by Alexa Bliss the week before. Bliss claims to be the face of evil and isn’t afraid of Uncle Howdy or Bray Wyatt. Bianca must return tonight to address a potential rematch for the tournament with Bliss and all the Wate-related ghosts surrounding her.

US Champion Austin Theory used mic time last week to enter the Royal Rumble match and brag about his recent victory over Seth Rollins. Their feud appears to be with stretching in the Royal Rumble match, where Seth says his knee needs to be 100% healthy.

WWE Universal Championship Roman Reigns put a Kevin Owens trap on him SmackDown, which led to a defeat from The Bloodline via KO. Solo Sekoa took the lead on this offense, so Owens will probably claim a match against him tonight. Will we hear from Sami Zayn after The Bloodline robbed him of his chance to defeat Owens last week?

WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions IYO SKY and Dakota Kai don’t have any viable rivals at the moment, so they’re taking their time helping Bayley in her fights against Becky Lynch and Mia Yim.

Other things to watch

Bobby Lashley is back raw After what he described as a comment. He tossed Austin Theory over the top rope before asserting that no one would be able to stop him from winning the Royal Rumble match. Brock Lesnar has a bone to choose with this guy, so he might have to show up in the Rumble match to eliminate Bob. Will Lesnar’s eventual return be enough to convince Lashley that he needs to accept MVP’s plan to fix The Hurt Business?

– The latest rumor states that Edge will be returning to WWE at the Royal Rumble event, rather than appearing beforehand to set up a separate match for the PPV. The limited dates on Edge’s contract likely made it difficult to follow from last October’s angle where Doomsday forced him to watch her injure Beth Phoenix.

– WWE is making a big deal about Cody Rhodes returning from injury; It looks like his official entry into the Royal Rumble match will be announced any minute.

– The Miz thinks Bronson Reed is his mate, but Bronson explains that he only helps The Miz for the money. Their relationship clearly doesn’t have the strongest foundation, especially after The Miz’s already thrifty ways were revealed in his previous storyline with Dexter Loomis and Johnny Gargano.

– Is Asuka waiting for the same Royal Rumble match before returning from Japan, perhaps with a gimmick change?

Baron Corbin hasn’t won a televised match in two months. Will WWE give him a babyface like Elias to take on before the Royal Rumble?

– Mustafa Ali is not happy with Dolph Ziggler after a confrontation that prioritized his losing singles career over the opportunity to get into a tag team turmoil with Ali last week.

Matt Riddle was injured six weeks ago raw. WWE said he would be out of action for six weeks. Does that mean he’ll be back on tonight’s broadcast?

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day raw It usually includes a related video with an audio commentary by Vince McMahon. Will it be business as usual on that front now that McMahon is once again the CEO of WWE, or will Vince’s voice not be included this time around?

Speaking of Vince’s return to WWE, there aren’t any matches currently announced for tonight’s show, so maybe McMahon is getting back into creative business after all.

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