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WWE really wants you to root for Charlotte Flair

SmackDown Airing tonight (January 6th) with a live show from FedExForum in Memphis, Tennessee. This is the sixth SmackDown Episode over nine weeks building approx Royal Rumblewhich will take place on January 28.

WWE really wants you to root for Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair made her surprise return to WWE last week and promptly pinned Ronda Rousey as the new WWE Superstar SmackDown female hero.

The Queen’s dominance in the women’s division and her consistent victories since 2015 have become stressful for some fans to deal with over the years. The idea that Flair could return to WWE after only seven months and be crowned with championship gold in a matter of minutes is the exact thing that frustrates many people due to her highly favored booking. This is why Flair is already on the cusp of breaking her father’s record for most world championships of all time.

However, Ronda Rousey’s current career in WWE has been truly disappointing, and this has made Flair’s quick championship win over not fans of her work. the SmackDown The women’s division has been sorely lacking in star power at the top for most of 2022, and it’s clear that Flair’s presence helps fill that void to start the new year.

Since then, Flair has cut the Babyface promo and positioned himself as the person WWE wants you to root for when it comes to choosing between the lesser of two evils. I imagine Flair and Rousey will wrestle each other again summerslam Royal Rumble before going their separate ways on the road to WrestleMania 39.

Flair is scheduled to appear on tonight’s broadcast. If Rousey wasn’t in the building, would fellow mate Chyna Baszler take on the new champion and take a beating on Rousey’s behalf?

The rest of the title scene

The Usos will defend the undisputed WWE tag team titles Tonight against Drew McIntyre and Sheamus. Will the recent alliance between McIntyre and the Brawling Brutes fall apart if they fail again against The Bloodline?

WWE Universal Championship Roman Reigns was on the losing side of a tag team match against John Cena and Kevin Owens last week. Sami Zayn is the obvious fall guy for the rare loss of a clan chief, but we may have to wait an extra week to see this development since Roman works part-time and wasn’t announced on Tonight’s Show.

Intercontinental hero GUNTHER defends his belt against Braun Strowman on next week’s broadcast. GUNTHER will likely use the extra week to recover after Ricochet accidentally knocked his head out last week.

Bailey W WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions IYO SKY and Dakota Kai are free to appear on any show they want, but they don’t have any feuds brewing on Friday nights.

Other things to watch

Top Dolla was not appreciated SmackDown Babyface’s locker room mocks his failed jump over the top rope, and this leads to some scrambling between him and Ricochet. Tonight, they’ll settle their issues in a singles match, with the winner earning entry into the men’s Royal Rumble. Top’s inability to get past the top rope might actually help him stay in the Rumble match longer if he can qualify for it tonight.

Bray Wyatt and LA Knight will battle it out in a Pitch Black match Royal Rumble. Nobody knows what that even means. As far as tonight is concerned, how will Wyatt respond to Uncle Howdy’s attack from last week?

Lacey Evans was scheduled to return to television last week but it never happened. Was she stung for a while, or was she withdrawn because of the stupid, nasty shit she posted lately on social media? Her presence (or lack thereof) on Tonight’s Show may give us the answer.

Karrion Cross wants to end Rey Mysterio’s career. Does this mean he will go after Rey in the men’s Royal Rumble match?

– Emma made the mistake of slapping Scarlett in the face two weeks ago. Will Emma O crazy Riddick Moss paid for this daring act tonight?

Xia Li stuck her nose in Tegan Nox’s business a few weeks ago. Is this going anywhere, or have they both already moved on?

– Does Creative have anything yet for Legado del Fantasma or Viking Raiders?

The women’s Royal Rumble match needs some official participants. Will Liv Morgan or Raquel Rodriguez announce their spot tonight?

what are you looking for SmackDown?

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